Posted by marinka at 12th December 2019

aMindSolutions Website

ROLE: Lead Designer / CMS Manager

aMind is a business and technology consulting firm that specializes in delivering complex, mission critical, high transaction configure, price, quote (CPQ) applications across sales, partners, field service and eCommerce channels.

For aMind I worked on a complete rebranding, as their lead designer. The main part of the redesign was a new website, that is built in WordPress.

The focal point of the website is providing the users with relevant information and case studies, that were created by the aMinds marketing team, while I focused on how to transform the content into pages in a simple way, that is efficient and friendly to the reader. Since we did not want to build a website that is too text-heavy, each of the pages consist of graphics, charts, quotes as well as images, that indicate power, trust, stability, and growth. To connect everything together, the website is built in a masonry layout. The same layout is also used in their other brand assets, to keep the branding consistent.

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