Posted by marinka at 11rd November 2018


ROLE: Graphic Designer

CodingMonkeys is an information technology & services company, that is handcrafted in Slovenia.

For Coding Monkeys I have created a complete brand identity. The main assets of the company is (of course) the logotype, that is used on all of our assets – business cards, website, notebooks, etc… The logotype is pretty simple – it’s built from an icon (code tag that can also be used as a stand-alone element) and the company name.

For the typography, we opted with Montserrat Alternates. As a really modern font, Montesserat also has a nice, natural contrast which makes it look a little bit less strict. With all the geometric shapes that it has, it almost looks a little bit abstract – and it points out the idea behind the CodingMonkeys really well.

The primary color was pretty clear from the start – we wanted a nice brown with some sort of a contrasting color. In the end, we have decided to use an orange shade, because it is mainly connected to bringing new ideas. Since in color psychology orange is right in the middle of two other strong colors – red and yellow, it has some of their characteristics, yet, it is a bit more pleasing to the eye. And with all that aside – it’s a very social color.

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