Posted by marinka at 12th December 2019

Eva Karmazínová

ROLE: Graphic Designer

Eva Karmazínová is a graduate of the School of Applied Arts in the Prague district of Žižkov. She survived clinical death and that experience gave her life completely new perception, therefore she is trying to capture love towards life and people, nature and animals in her paintings.

As she is hardworking, full of love, endowed with immense willpower to constantly learn new things, we wanted to express her creativity in a simple flyer, that was presented as a part of her exhibition. Eva says that she loves life, nature, and her energy has the power to uplift the minds of people facing difficult situations. Living by her side, though far from simple, is wonderful because one can never grow old in her presence.

The exhibition flyer was created in collaboration with Institute Atelje Murn International.

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