Posted by marinka at 10th October 2018

DataScience @ FRI

ROLE: Graphic Designer

DataScience is a program, that is a part of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science (University of Ljubljana) second-cycle master’s study program.

The starting point to build a complete brand identity was the logo, which is built from a symbol that presents data science in a modern, yet elegant way. In it, we can see 9 pixels that form into one shape, which resembles the program slogan “From Data to Science.”

The other main part of the brand identity is the font type. We decided to keep it simple, and used a font called Orbitrion, which is a geometric sans serif font, that has a stylistic alternative. For the color scheme we decided to work with classic design colors – red, white and black – as well as we spiced it everything up with some shades of grey. The different shades of grey are giving the logotype some depth, as well as a flat 3D look. With this approach, we created a logo that draws attention, as well as sets a strong foundation for the whole brand identity.

As part of the brand identity, we also created several promotional materials, such as business cards, that have the FRIDS logo on the front, and a QR code that links to the program’s website on the back.

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