Posted by marinka at 02rd February 2018

Kirurgija Breznikar

ROLE: Lead Designer

Kirurgija Breznikar/Surgery Breznikar was a medical website, based on WordPress.

For Surgery Breznikar we created a website that is clean, sterile, and above all transparent. Seeking the information is easy and the users can have access to interesting blog posts, that are written by a team of medical experts.

The color scheme was simple – teal as a primary color and white as a contrasting color. To stand out a little bit from the health-related websites, we used a teal color instead of the classic blue, because we felt that it is important to stand out of the crowd a little bit when needed. The teal in the logo presents communication, trust, balance, and stability. Meanwhile, the white color presents high standards in cleanliness and appearance.

Because dr. Brane Breznikar retired in 2020, the website can no longer be accessed.

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