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ROLE: Graphic Designer

Packidilly is a brand of environmentally-friendly, practically packed, tiny travel kits, that was founded by Pam Swingley, a world wandering, burned-out techie, and a savvy B2B marketing manager.

My role at Packidilly was to design the main brand identity – which consists of the logotype for the main brand, its sub-brands, and icons for different occasions.

The main logotype is created with thin hand-written cursive typography, in a combination with a sans serif font for the brand slogan. It comes in two forms – a horizontal one, which is mainly used on web, and as a “stamp” inspired rounded shape, which is used for print materials and packaging. Because the brands’ slogan is to “Travel lighter” we decided to emphatise this a little hand-drawn icon next to it, which is in the form of a “feather”.

The subbrands follow a similar concept for their logotypes. They are round with a resambling hand drawn icon. For example – since Packidilly has kits for different occasions, such as beauty we decided to represent those with a simple “flower” icon. Meanwhile a kit for medicine has “two bandagdes in a form of x” as their icon. To connect everything together, each sub-brand has its own short slogan, to represent what you get in the kit.

Since the inspiration behind the project is to travel sustainable, easier and lighter, the kits are packaged in a recyclable envelopes, with products that create zero or almost no waste after usage.

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