Posted by marinka at 05th May 2018

Reveel WebApp™ Improved Help

ROLE: UX/UI Designer

Reveel WebApp™ is a web app used for scanning different types of content.

To help establish the perfect connection between the app and the users, it’s important to create a relationship in which the users know, that they can rely on the app and its support team.

To provide the users with the best possible experience while using the Reveel WebApp™, I created a section of the app, called “Improved Help” which resolves the frequently asked questions about it. Because the settings screen is one of the main locations that you can find in mobile apps, it was the obvious choice for where we incorporated the “Improved Help”.

In the “Improved Help” the users learn a little bit more about the app itself, on how and why to use it. The biggest struggle during the process was on how to present the help in an engaging, but in a useful way, that is not too text-heavy (because most users do not have time to read paragraphs, that are too long). In the end, I decided to use an approach, that focuses on sketch-graphics and short captions. With that, the users can quickly see what they need to do and how to do it.

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