Posted by marinka at 10th October 2018 Partners

ROLE: Graphic & Web Designer / CMS Manager

Reveel is the first company to help brands and media outlets increase revenue and audience engagement by adding an interactive experience to all forms of visual media. Partners at Reveel is a subpage that was created by the production team to make it easier for the company’s brands and partners, to understand how the company works and how to use their assets for promotional material. It includes design tools, best practices, and inspiration for high performing Reveelable pages.

A huge part of the partner’s page is the design hub, which helps the company’s partners and clients, on how to incorporate Reveel’s promotional assets into their materials. The goal was to create a page that is simple and efficient and provides all the necessary information to the outside reader. The website is built from a FAQ section, as well as case studies, promotional materials (such as demo magazine, fillers & promos, CTAs,..), media examples and publisher specifications.

Because one of the requirements was to have a website that is easy to maintain in the long run, we opted for WordPress.

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