Posted by marinka at 10th October 2018

Robert Wings’ #JourneyToCTA

ROLE: Lead Designer

Robert Wing is the Chief Technology Officer at aMind Solutions. He is a manager and architect focused on the early-phase software product and project delivery. His focus is on building the right things,
building them correctly, and delivering them reliably. As he said, this is a “what I would have liked someone else to have written about ahead of me”, as well as a bunch of practical details.

In this booklet, Rob describes his personal journey to obtaining his Salesforce Certified Technical Advisor (CTA) qualification. The booklet is intended to pay forward all the help he received from the architect community on his Journey to become a CTA.

The content is written particularly for people in companies that do not have a CTA program or significant mentoring from another CTA. To make it easier to read, we decided to enhance the content with a lot of graphical elements such as tables, quotes, checklists, and images.

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