Marinka Krel

Designer by day, researcher by night.

about me

Hello! My name is Marinka.

And I’ll be your designer!

Don’t worry, I’m an expert in designing and content management with a wide range of experience from the startup industry and IT. I can be your graphic, web, mobile or UX/UI designing superhero with the goal of saving you from a bad visual impression.

My super-power is being able to conduct strong and in-depth field research. I mainly focus on user experience and accessibility, within which I’m also pursuing my professional career.

I am a strong performer, especially when it comes to screening applicability for various products, such as web and mobile platforms. Testing with questionnaires, based on standardized and established methods for evaluation and heuristic analysis, I discover all potential errors even before your users do.

You can find me on:

Work & Academic History


  • 2020 Jul - Present


    Lead UX/UI Designer
  • 2019 Aug - 2021 May

    Studio Zetko

    UX Designer / Contract Work
  • 2018 Sep - 2019 Nov

    Institue AAMI

    Graphic Designer / AAMI Platform Administrative Assistant
  • 2018 Apr - 2018 Nov

    aMind Solutions

    Lead Designer
  • 2016 May - 2018 Nov

    Reveel Technologies, INC

    UX/UI Designer / Graphic Designer
  • 2015 Dec - 2017 Nov


    UX Designer / Research Associate
  • 2016 Mar - 2016 Aug


    UX/UI Designer (GUI)
  • 2015 Feb - Jun 2016


    Photographer / Digital Marketing Manager
  • 2015 Feb - Aug 2015

    BUY ITC, D.O.O.

    Research Associate


  • 2014 - 2017


    Master's Degree in Media Communications
  • 2011 - 2014


    Bachelor's Degree in Media Communications

Some of my favorite projects. Click on them and discover their background.


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“Every great design begins with an even better story.” - Lorinda Mamo

Erik Štrumbelj, PhD Initiative Creator of DataScience@UL-FRI

Marinka’s help was indispensable for the creation of the visual image and promotional material for the DataScience @ UL-FRI initiative. Marinka is good at what she does, responsive, reliable, and it’s always a pleasure to work with her.

Marko Samec, PhD CEO @ Samino

While you will be thrilled with Marinka’s skills, it is her caring and dedication that sets her apart from
everyone else. She was very engaged and invested from the beginning.

Urška Pintarič 2D Artist @ Outift7

Marinka has the ability to overcome issues with creative and appropriate solutions. She can see the bigger picture without losing sight of the details.

Andrej Parovel CEO @ Elitek

Marinka is very serious and she keeps any agreement. She is also very exact on all deadlines. All those characteristics are very important for making business with partners.

Monika Ferk Marketing and Media Communication Analyst @ Observer Genion Clipping

I was particularly impressed by Marinka’s ability to handle even the toughest clients and projects—effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her.

Darja Perceva HR @ Oryx Gaming

Marinka presented herself as a responsible, ambitious, efficient and hardworking individual. She is a team player but also has no problems with working on her own.

Nina Virag Office Manager @ MINAMed d.o.o.

I am always happy to work with her on various projects because of her professional approach and positive attitude. Marinka demonstrates she can work on her own, quickly presents various proposals and fully addresses all the challenges.

Lara Učakar Executive Vice President of Content @ Reveel Technologies INC

Marinka was always positive which helped with the team’s morale. When given a task, she understood the instructions and if not she asked questions to make sure she would deliver what was expected of her.